Time Limit to Pass Core & Specialty Exams (Posted August 15, 2023)

All candidates must pass the Core certification exam as a required prerequisite to achieve any Specialty certification. In a situation in which a candidate has passed a Specialty exam though has not passed the Core exam, the Specialty credential will remain on hold until the candidate retakes and passes the Core exam prerequisite. The candidate will have 365 days from the date the original Specialty exam was taken and passed in order to pass the Core. If a candidate does not pass the Core exam within this timeframe, they will need to retake and pass the Specialty.

UPDATE TO ACCESS EXAM (Posted June 9, 2023)

Beginning June 15th, the Student Affairs Educator Certification exams will require a new online browser to take the exams. Our online exam provider, ProctorU (through Prolydian) is transitioning to a proprietary browser software (called Guardian Browser) to improve the user experience for exam-takers, eliminate functionality issues with browsers like Google Chrome and Firefox, and increase exam and candidate security. We strongly encourage all candidates to download the new browser in advance of their exam appointments. 

As of June 15, 2023, the technical requirements for Student Affairs Educator Certification exams will be as follows:

  1. Guardian Browser is required for testing. Download here.

  2. Operating System: macOS X 10.13 or higher, Windows 8 or higher. ProctorU does not support Linux or Chrome OS

  3. Web Camera: Minimum- 640×480 resolution, Recommended- 1280×720 resolution

  4. Internet Download Speed: A required upload and download speed of 2Mbps, with 10Mbps preferred

  5. RAM: Minimum – 2GB, Recommended- 4GB

  6. A Functioning Microphone: Webcams with built in microphones and stand alone microphones supported

  7. Not Supported:

    • Tablets (iPad, Galaxy Tab, Galaxy Note, etc.)

    • Mobile (Android, iOS)

    • ARM CPU Architecture

    • Chromebooks