Student Affairs Educator Certification (SAEC) is a voluntary credential that demonstrates your ongoing learning, competencies, and knowledge in student affairs and services work. It honors both educators with a master’s degree and those with extensive work experience in student affairs. SAEC is designed to support your advancement opportunities in the field and transitions between functional areas.

Led by NASPA, and developed by Certification Consortium partner subject matter experts, this is a core credential for demonstrating continuous learning and competencies essential to success in the complex and evolving landscape of student affairs and services work. SAEC subject matter experts encompass student affairs educators, practitioners, and graduate faculty, including at four and two-year, and public and private institutions. The SAEC credential is designed for student affairs and services educators across any functional area and institutional type. 

Eligibility Requirements

  • Mid-level student affairs educators and above
  • Both educators with a master’s degree and those with extensive work experience in student affairs/services
  • Eligibility requirements are the same for both core and speciality student affairs educator certifications. The core certification is a prerequisite for all specialties. 

Certification includes demonstrating competencies and knowledge, as well as dedication to ongoing learning. Student affairs work is complex and regularly changing. Certified student affairs educators are expected to engage in continuing education about new and emerging trends in the field. Recertification occurs every five years. It involves demonstrating the minimal amount of continuing education credits and ethical practice. Full details on certification maintenance and recertification will be available in the forthcoming policies and procedures.



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