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Student Affairs Educator

About Certifications

Certification offers a robust set of credentials for student affairs and services educators to demonstrate competencies and knowledge through ongoing work experience and continuing education. These certifications encourage lifelong learning and support professional advancement for educators across institutional types and functional areas. Available certifications include the core credential and six additional specialty certifications.


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Certification Maintenance

At its core, certification is about lifelong learning. This informs and evolves practice in student affairs work, and benefits students, institutions, and the field! All certificants are expected to engage in ongoing learning and continuing education, as well as adhere to a professional code of ethics. Learn more about certification maintenance.

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What Our Certificants Are Saying

Earning the CSAEd certification has boosted my confidence and established me as a committed professional in the student affairs field. Recognition from my supervisors holds great meaning for me, and I look forward to future opportunities where I can leverage my skills and knowledge to support others in the field.

Priscilla_Arungwa_Head_Shot48.jpg Dr. Priscilla Arungwa, CSAEd
Director of Students, Utah State University

[Getting certified] solidified my value to the institution. I was able to demonstrate the importance of our profession to administrators and other faculty. It shows that I am keeping up with best practices and knowledge in the field.

LSV_Headshot.jpg Leigh Smith-Vaniz, CSAEd, CSAEd-SC
Director of Student Services & Title IX Coordinator, LSU Health Sciences Center

The certification helps to identify areas of growth and education as a professional in the field, and then provides opportunities for one to pursue that growth and education.

Reinhardt_Gregory.png Gregory Reinhardt, CSAEd, CSAEd-CR
Associate Director for Programs & Assessment, University of Washington - Recreation

Take the time to invest in yourself! This certification can really make you stand out to hiring committees because they will know that you are well equipped with the skills necessary to excel in any role.

DionWF_updated.png Dion Webb-Figueroa, CSAEd
Director of Undergraduate Student Engagement, Georgia State University

This certification helped me to be more confident in my skills and focus on my professional development. I believe this certification elevates my work by allowing me to be intentional and more universal in my professional development, which in turn impacts my work, the students, and the university community I serve.

Kari_crop.png Kari Murphy, CSAEd, CSAEd-FSL
Assistant Dean of Sorority and Fraternity Life, Illinois State University