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Requesting Support from Your Division or Institution   (NEW!)

6.pngBecoming a Certified Student Affairs Educator is a significant professional milestone that demonstrates dedication, expertise, and commitment to the field of student affairs. However, we know that pursuing certification may require financial or other types of support, particularly for the application and exam process. Below we have provided some guides and resources to help you advocate for institutional or professional development funds to support your application and to assist you in communicating the value of certification to your supervisors and institutional leaders. If you have any questions or want to talk with someone about how to best advocate for yourself in seeking certification, please reach out to us at

Types of support you might seek from your department or institution:

  • Financial Support for ...
    • Application/exam fees for Core, specialty, or both credentials
    • Registration for exam preparation programs or resources
    • Continuing education credit funding (registration fees or expenses for conferences, workshops, or webinars)
    • Membership fees for a founding partner organization (certification application discounts are available for members of these organizations, in addition to access to exam preparation resources and potentially free and discounted registrations for CE programs to support certification maintenance)
  • Time Support  
    • Ability to use work hours to prepare for and/or take certification exams.
    • Ability to take time away from the office to prepare for and/or take exams, without using earned paid leave/PTO hours

Preparing to Make a Request for Support

  • First - Identify the Value of Certification for You (and Them)- Before you seek financial support for certification, it's crucial to take time and reflect on its potential value for you and your institution. Consider how certification may align with your personal and professional goals. Also consider how your certification may have positive effects on your campus or organizational community and how it may align with your divisions mission and goals. Thoughtfully reflecting on certification's value will help you make a compelling case for why institutional resources should be allocated for this professional development opportunity.
  • Utilize the resources below to help build a strong and persuasive request for support:
5.pngDeveloping Your Request for Support - Applicant WorksheetThis worksheet is intended to guide you through the crucial elements for building your support request. It aids in determining the optimal method and format for your request, offering space for your notes, along with important questions and factors to consider in the process. Download or make a copy of this worksheet to get started.  
"Talking About Certification" - This resource contains a compilation of suggested language that articulates the potential benefits of certification and answers common questions. This may be helpful in completing the applicant worksheet and preparing a request for support from your supervisor/institution.
  • Then - Make Your Request - After you've reviewed the resources above and considered the important factors for your request, you'll need to determine the best method for making that request. For some, that may mean a conversation with a supervisor or other institutional leader. For others, that may mean following a more formal request process.

Letter Template - If you letterhand2.pngdetermine that the best method through which to make your request for support is through an email or letter and you aren't sure where to start, we have created this template to assist. Download or copy this document to begin customizing your letter.





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