Maintenance Requirements

Recertification Process

Certification maintenance includes ethical practice and continuous learning. While certificants are required to demonstrate continuous learning through recertification every five years, the Consortium highly encourages thinking about and engaging certification maintenance as an ongoing process. A certificant’s maintenance period begins once they become certified or upon approval of recertification. Certificants must recertify every five years to maintain active certification status. During this five year period, certificants should be seeking and engaging in the variety of approved continuing education activities recognized by the Consortium. During, and by the end of, the five-year maintenance cycle, certificants must fill out a brief application for recertification on the Prolydian online system. 

Recertification requires:

  • Continued agreement and compliance with the Code of Ethics
  • Submission of a specified number of continuing education credits
  • Payment of the corresponding recertification fee 

Continuing Education Requirements and Submission

For detailed information about CE policies and processes, click here
Find a listing of approved CE programs here.

Credit Hour Requirements
  • Certificants wishing to recertify at the end of their five-year maintenance period must complete and submit the following number of approved continuing education credits (CEs):
    • Core Student Affairs Educator Certification (CSAEd™): 50 total credits (42 core credits and 8 social justice and inclusion credits)
    • Specialty Area Certifications: An individual holding any specialty area certification must complete and submit 50 corresponding specialty-area approved CE credits in addition to the Core Certification requirements as stated above.
Submission of CE Credits

It is the responsibility of each certified person to track the CE credits they have earned. Certificants are responsible for ensuring information about their CE credits is properly recorded and accessible. Certificants are encouraged to keep thorough records of their CE activities throughout their maintenance period.

All CE credits must be submitted by the certificant online via the Prolydian portal. (This guide provides instructions for submitting credits onilne.) Proof of attendance (i.e., a certificate of completion) is required for each CE submission. A listing of pre-approved CE programs is available at this link. Certificants should submit CE credits in the Prolydian portal no more than 60 calendar days after completing a CE program. CE credits reported more than 365 days after completing the program may not be accepted. CE credits for programs not pre-approved by the Consortium will not be considered toward recertification.

If a certificant believes they attended a program that was approved for CSAEd™ CE credit but cannot find that program on the Prolydian portal, they should contact the Consortium staff at​​​