Privacy Policy

The Consortium agrees with the philosophy that an individual has the right to know how their personally identifying data is being used by the Consortium.

The Consortium maintains industry-standard security of personally identifying data and updates those protocols on a regular basis. Our staff, volunteer leaders, and contractors are required to sign a confidentiality and security agreement.

How we use your data

The Consortium uses personally identifying data to provide information about the certification credentials that an individual may be interested in. The Consortium uses the information submitted by an individual to customize the information they receive or may be presented with. 

The Consortium uses publicly available data about institutions and functional areas to further customize the information an individual may receive or be presented with based on the fact that the individual is an employee of that institution and/or working in a particular functional area. The Consortium may use data provided by member associations to further customize the information an individual may receive or be presented with based on the fact that the individual is a member of that member association.

The Consortium uses data about previous applications, certifications, downloads, or other transactions to customize the information an individual may receive or be presented with.

The Consortium uses data in aggregate to identify trends about groups of individuals and about the industry itself. This may pertain to applicant, candidate, and assessment data. 

When is data shared outside of Consortium staff

Certificants may opt into an online, public registry. Individual certicants who do not opt in will not be listed on the registry. Individuals who do not maintain certification will not be listed on the registry. Current certificants have the option to opt-in and opt-out of the registry at any time. Upon request, the Consortium will communicate if a previous credential holder is not currently certified; however, the reason why the individual is not certified will not be shared.

The Consortium gathers aggregate statistics about visitors to its website and may provide this information to third parties for analysis. This information does not contain behavioral or identifying information about any individual user.

The Consortium gathers applicant and candidate information within its certification management system. Candidates access certification exams via a third party, online proctoring service that agrees to maintain security and confidentiality of all certification examination materials. The Consortium securely and confidentially shares exam performance information with a third-party psychometrician for the purpose of ongoing analysis.

The Consortium includes committees focused on core and specialty certification credentials, and appeals and program complaints. The Consortium will share aggregate information with the core and specialty certification committees. The appeals and program complaints committee will have secure and confidential access to identifying information on individual certificants. Identifying information on certificants who have been found to violate the code of ethics may be shared with the Certification Consortium Board of Directors, including member representatives from partner student affairs associations.

The Consortium uses third party companies to provide delivery of electronic communications which requires provision of individual information. The service agreement with these companies prohibits any other use of this information.


If you wish to change any information you have given us, or have any questions on our Policy, you can contact us at